Have you been looking to change your diet and just don’t know where to start?  Whether you’re trying to achieve weight loss, maintaining a healthy diet, or becoming more confident in your nutritional choices, Revitalize Weight Loss can help you focus on your nutritional goals. 

While it might be intimidating to start your weight loss journey, there are ways you can begin to take matters into your own hands today. It all starts with taking a look at a nutrition label to gain an understanding of what ingredients might be a red flag to your health!

Taking Your First Steps
First, look at what possible added sugars, oils, or preservatives are listed and recognize that these ingredients are a part of what might be making your goals harder to reach. This can be an essential first step into your wellness journey and take your nutritional habits to the next level! Revitalize Weight Loss is here to help you with your nutritional education because it is essential to consider what we are putting into our bodies daily.

What Are Added Sugars?
Let’s dive in and talk about the importance of understanding the dangers that come from an abundance of added sugars in your diet. Added sugars can have several different names depending on the nutrition label. The most common way to identify added sugar is by recognizing ingredients such as fructose, corn syrup, agave, and cane sugar. While these ingredient names sound harmless, they can have a significant impact on your long-term health!

Added sugars can have an alarming impact on your blood sugar and hormone levels and may lead to long-term issues. An increase in your blood sugar levels can cause weight gain and insulin resistance, possibly leading to diabetes in the future along with other conditions. If you experience insulin resistance, which can increase with the amount of added sugars you are consuming, it can affect your energy levels and regulation. Eventually, this will result in a higher appetite but leave your body with less fuel to burn off those extra calories!

In It For the Long Run
There are several alarming effects an increased amount of added sugar can have on your diet. These effects make it crucial to understand that consuming too many added sugars can cause you to have an increased risk of obesity and possibly develop a chronic disease such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

These health concerns are often directly linked to consuming too many added sugars, but there are ways to improve your nutritional behaviors and be proactive with your health and wellness.  Revitalize wants to help you put your nutritional goals first. If you are looking to jump-start your wellness journey, contact Revitalize Weight Loss for a consultation today!